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    Quote Originally Posted by crenshaw
    FYI I've been using Versamail on GSM unlocked since I got it 3 months ago, no problems.
    Evilghost, I am not sure I understand your post. If it refers to the update to the 1.08 version, I did it as soon as it came out and at that time my memory inproved biut all the conflicts with my treeo 650 started.
    Multiple resets with my treo 650. Getting a brand new treo 650 from Sprint soon.
    Hope that fixes the problem and I do not encounter any conflicts with other applications.
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    evlghst - i am running 1.08 - versamail most of the normal apps and some games
    my reset after doing ##377 said due to web fatal error.....

    sometimes i wont even be using my treo while it is charging and walla it resets itself.

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