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    Ok, I have been screwing with this for an hour with no luck. Time to turn to the masses for help.

    Downloaded the lates trial/drivers from their site. Installed the software on my Treo 650 with no hitch. I hit connect to desktop, and heard the little system sound on pc confirming the connect. Windows finds the new hardware, and commences to fail to ask me if I want to point to the driver. Driver install fails. No biggie, I head over to Device Manager to manually update driver. I point to the drivers included in the download, and it starts to do its thing. It comes up with the right driver for Softstick, and I proceed. Then it hangs on like the last 10% of copying the driver.. and fails telling me "The device will not start" or something like that.

    Any ideas? I have tried rebooting and doing it over quite a few time. Same results each time. There is like nil support on their site as well. Bleh.

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    Used Card Export II on many different WinXP laptops without issue - never really had to do anything on the PC side. I guess I'm not much help, other than to let you know that the product generally works well (tons of other folks here are happy users also).
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    What version of Card Export are you using? The (I - SCSI) or the (II - USB Mass Storage)?

    If you are using II and XP, there is no driver needed, as XP automounts USB Mass Storage devices natively.

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