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    Well, the Star Trek (TOS) Ringtones thread really got me on a roll. That and the trial periods ending on my .wav editor program.

    I went looking for renditions of the Enterprise's synthesize computer voice, but came up zippo.

    After some digging, I was to come up with the next best thing: a contemporary "synthesized female (UK accented) voice" that recited my word strings...

    So, if you want to give your ringtone's a little bit of a synthesized, sexy, creepy, British ringtone, try the following (all edited for better looping):

    For Calendar

    "Pardon, appointment reminder"

    For SMS/MMS

    "Pardon, electronic message received"

    "Pardon, instant message received"

    (I couldn't decided which one sounded better, "electronic" or "instant"

    For Calls

    "Pardon, call from home"

    "Pardon, incoming call"

    "Pardon, call from the office"

    "Pardon, call from unknown caller"

    You don't need a ringtone program. For free, you can download these via Blazer, and select Open/Save to "Sounds"; or copy them to your SD Card put them in a dummy email as an attachment, select them, and select Open/Save to "Sounds". You can rename/manage/configure these sound-files from the "Sounds & Alerts" menu.

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    You can create any spoken female or male synthesized voice ringtone you like using one of several national accents at

    Capture the audio stream using free Total Recorder trial app, Freecorder,etc.

    Convert to .wav or .amr file using free Sony-Ericsson Miksoft mobile AMR converter app if you like.

    Email the file to yourself, download into our Treo Sounds internal app and off you go.
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