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    I'm in the process of setting up my new VZW 650. What are the chances of Chatter working if I install it?
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    100%, I'd say. Get the stable version.

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    OK, it doesn't get any better than 100%, so I took the plunge. So far, so's downloading my very large Inbox as we speak.
    Except for the obvious (different carrier), the VZW device seems to be identical to the Sprint. However the default email client (which they call Wireless Sync, really Intellisync) is mostly for Outlook/Exchange's read-only for POP3/IMAP, and requires an operating desktop redirector, so Chatter is even more of a necessity than on the Sprint, which at least has Versamail pre-installed.
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    Can you update us with regard to the 1xrtt pinging that was prevalent on the Verizon T600? This caused the treo to be in green light status for almost 50% of the time Chatter was online ( and accordingly caused many fone calls to go directly to voicemail. I switched to the T650 on Sprint and saw a significant improvement (far less pinging!).

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    Ditto. I would like to know this (VZ server pinging) as well. I have a Verizonized Sprint Treo but would eventually like to move to the actual Verizon Treo if this constant data pinging issue was resolved.

    I don't notice it as much with my 650 as I did with the 600; I keep 2 mailboxes online. These CDMA phones still don't hold a candle to the GSM ones when it comes to this issue. We can only hope it gets better.
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    I don't know, because I no longer use Chatter that way. I got too frustrated losing important phone calls because my line was tied up by a data connection. This is clearly the fault of the CDMA carriers, who could easily have implemented a system wherein an incoming phone call interrupts the data connection. But whoever's at fault, it's just not acceptable to me. So I keep my mailboxes offline, and do a quicksync whenever the mood strikes me. That has the "human" benefit of keeping me from breaking off important real world activities to read some stupid email that could easily have waited.

    Actually, I'm coming to believe that the ideal will be separate devices: a wireless PDA, and a very small, simple cell phone, with the phone's contact list kept in sync transparently via Bluetooth. Aside from the contact list, what's the point of convergence anyway?
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    Not necessarily. I think we are contrained by current technologies. Who would've thought we'd even come this far 6 years ago.

    Convergence, if implemented properly, is most certainly the way to go. Consider an EV-DV system where data and voice transmission can occur simultaneously where one doesn't step on the toes of the other. Your emails can come in while you're talking or you can browse the web and give someone directions from Mapquest (or Google Maps!) while you're talking to them on speakerphone.

    The digital lifestyle has brought along with it digital clutter. However, until we have specific technologies that address these issues there will always be a rub. The only other digital realm which I feel should not be converged into smart devices as they exist today are PED's (Personal Entertainment Devices) - a la iPod, video players, PSP's etc. These devices on their own offer enriching experiences - why include them in a smartphone? It's fine to have a stripped down MP3 player, video player and games although it would merely tax your battery life and other resources. It's certainly not a priority in a smart device that is meant, generall, for communications.

    Quote Originally Posted by tangible
    Actually, I'm coming to believe that the ideal will be separate devices: a wireless PDA, and a very small, simple cell phone, with the phone's contact list kept in sync transparently via Bluetooth. Aside from the contact list, what's the point of convergence anyway?
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    I see your point, but basically I believe that all modern technology should be inspired by the original Star Trek. Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock carried BOTH a Communicator AND a Tri-corder, so I intend to do the same.

    Seriously, I don't think we will ever see EV-DV. (For a discussion of this, see But that doesn't mean we won't someday have concurrent voice and data; just that it will be VOIP riding on EV-DO. My personal prediction, though, remains de-convergence. Anyone who has ever struggled to open a bottle of wine with the corkscrew on a Swiss Army Knife can tell you why.

    Sorry to get way, way OT. Let's give Chatter back its forum.
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    You're right. Back to Chatter.

    Something strange happened on my Verizonized 650. This has happened before too. I checked my online fastmail mailbox in Chatter this morning. About 10-15 sec after being in the mailbox (just looking at older emails) an email came in. The time stamp from fastmail was 12:09 am (about 10 hours ago!!!)

    I always keep my fastmail mailbox online. But I'm puzzled at why mail sometimes (or quite often, rather) does not arrive instantaneously. I know this is not a Chatter issue, but perhaps it's a Verizon issue??

    That's why it is important for me and others to know from you folks that have purchased a Verizon Treo 650 and are looking to use Chatter whether there is a lag between when emails are received in an IDLE supporting IMAP email service (like fastmail) and when your emails arrive in your Chatter inbox.

    Please, please comment on your experiences. I hope this issue is limited to just Verizonized Treos.

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    illustreous - Something that a few people have seen is that, if you leave Chatter in the background for a long time, Chatter's interrupts (internal alarms) stop being processed and Chatter doesn't run until the next time you actually go to the foreground. This appears to be an OS issue; do you think it's what you're seeing?

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    Marc - not sure. Once I went to Chatter (to foreground) that's when my mail was received. But, if internal alarms stop being processed that assumes mail has still arrived in Chatter but the user has not been notified, correct? In this case, the mail did not arrive until I went to the foreground. Not sure if these issues are technically similar.
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    illustreous - No, you're seeing what I'm talking about. What version of Chatter is this, btw?

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    You might get a more recent Beta and see if there's a difference. We're up to b19.

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    Thanks, Marc. I'll give it a shot. So, you're confirming that the issue I was having (as I described it) is a Palm OS issue?
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    illustreous - I am pretty certain it's a Palm OS bug, but only a handful of people have experienced it.

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    Any thoughts on how to rectify the problem assuming that it is a Palm OS bug?
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    It only happens when Chatter is in the background; you could try using "Park in Chatter", perhaps.

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    Does Chatter have to disconnect prior to making a phone call....?
    How much of the t650 resources is it using while its "running in the backround"?? Bcs with the verizon data service takes a long time to connect and disconnect...?
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    No, Chatter doesn't have to do anything when a call is made. When the call is finished, Chatter will see if the server connections are still active and, if not, will reconnect. But this shouldn't affect the data connection.

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