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    illustreous - Could you contact me by email when you get a chance (

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    Marc, I'm still having problems with receiving email into Chatter instantaneously (or even a minute or two afterwards) after the mail hits my fastmail account. There is a lag of a few minutes at least.

    I'm wondering if this is a Verizon issue or something? It's not that the email shows up in Chatter and Chatter doesn't notify me. The email just doesn't show up for a few minutes...

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    Can you send me another log showing the problem (with comments added via "note" at the Console)?

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    What version of chatter would you reccomend downloading for the verizon treo 650 the beta version or the stable version?
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    go for beta 1.0.6rc11 - it's the most stable recent version of Chatter.
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