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    My TWH has never rang when the 650 does
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    MyTWH doesnt ring when my phone does... I just get the beep about 5-15sec after the treo 650 starts ringing...and this is about 6in away

    I am going to buy the HS850 from Dan's today...hopefully its all good
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    To be more specific.. my wife's TWH doesn't ring exactly like the phone ring tone.. but it does have its own beep beep beep beep style ring that does ring along with the 650 when receving a phone call. I tested it out again this morning. The first time (immediately after I turned on the TWH) it actually didn't ring in the headset. But the next few times I tried, it did.
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    2 things

    1. what kind of pairing did you do
    2. how do you know what kind of pairing you have (ie handsfree vs headset)
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    I did what the TWH instructions said to do. It was the first time I'd ever setup a bluetooth device. While the headset was off I held down the TWH button for eight seconds or so until the light on it was solid blue, then I went through the 650's bluetooth device setup and let it find the TWH, input the 0000, all done. I think that was it.
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    I just deleted my BT Devices Cache from the Delete menu on the home screen...when i get home I will pair my 650 with my TWH just by holding the phone key till solid
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    You did it differently the first time? How?
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    Hello folks,

    The HBH-662 has not yet been released in the USA yet, as-well as we have just imported hundreds of pieces from the UK

    I have been selling them on eBay, as well as my local shop here in New York, As of now the name on the Caller ID Feature does not work, It'll only show the number when it's used with the Treo 650.

    But it is the newer version of Bluetooth which is 1.2 as well as having the enhanced voice technology and call timer.

    If any of you are interested in getting the HBH-662 I can offer a small discount for anyone on this Discussion board.

    My eBay UserID is admon347 or here is a direct link to the auction:

    Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions you might have by "Ask seller a question" link on top right of the auction page.

    Thank you!
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    I currently have a TWH and am very disappointed with the static. I get static at 12" away from the Treo! However, the mute function is critical to me. Do any of the Sony BT headsets have a mute function? Should I try getting another TWH unit to see if the one I have is defective?

    Also, what's the difference between the HBH-660 and HBH-662?

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