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    How about some discussion and cost comparisons between these three providers?
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    I am looking at going the unlocked way. So prepaid SIMs and users experience with them would be good. Info on the carriers DATA rates (how much money for how much data).

    Good stuff
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    yeah!!! A compare & contrast thread would be a good idea!!!
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    A year ago I put a table together comparing data plans (data cost only, no voice comparison) and this is what I came up with.
    I don't know if it's completely acurate right now. So if you have corrections PM or email them to me as to not clutter up the thread. That is unless you want to discuss them.

    I think a general statement can be made:
    T-Mobile and Sprint are much cheaper
    Verizon and Cingular are more expensive

    The cheaper ones have more limited coverage areas, the more expensive ones have much greater coverage area. Data speeds on the cheaper are currently slower than the data speeds on the more expensive carriers (assuming your device can use those technologies.)
    However, as far as coverage goes, you can often roam on the other carrier of like-technology for cheap (like Sprint gets you unlimited roaming on Verizon for $5) Also TMobile only officially offers GPRS but you can get EDGE in certain markets. These little things are worth consideration.
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