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    I'm wondering if others have had this problem: My Cingular branded Treo 650 freezes at some point overnight and when is locked when I try to turn it on in the morning. I have to do a soft reset every A.M. This happens for no apparent reason and I have no software that I know of that is "phoning home." I do have some third-party software, like ptunes, ringo, docs to go, and express.

    Any suggestions? I've become shockingly aware that Treo users are really on their own with this device. No one at cingular knows how to use it and it is impossible to get through to PalmOne which can only be done through Cingular's customer service.

    Any and all suggestions appreciated.
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    Turn off time updates if you have that turned on, that can cause problems. Also, if you have any overnight alarms and use DateBk it might cause this, the author points to Palm bugs as culprit.
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    Try #*377(phone) to find out what caused the crash. If you see HalRadioAcDc.c etc. get a new phone, you have a hardware problem.
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    My phone locks up like that any time of day. I do not have any software installed on it. The only thing I have done is pair my Palm One Jabra 250 headset. Anybody with ideas?

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