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    Just curious how many people out there wear their Treo in Innopocket case on their hip with the included belt clip. I really don't like the idea of how it doesn't lock into swivel position, but I'm just curious how sturdy the clip is (will it fall out after much use?) and who wears it on their hip from day to day.

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    I have one of the metal cases, not sure if its a rhinoskin but I've had the screw on the case come lose once and let the case drop ablut 3 feet to the concrete. small dent on the case corned no other damage, however it was a windy day and the sd card was ejected and we found it about 30 feet away where the wind had caught it and blown it. I have since applied loc-tight to the screw and it seems to stat secure... but i now check it constantly.
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    I wouldn't do it if I were you, but if you do be sure to glue it with locktite or crazy glue. I had the screw actually unscrew several times...soon it wore down and wouldn't screw in at all unless I kept turning into the neoprene. I was neurotic about checking the screw to make sure it wasn't loose every time I took it out of the clip...dozens of times a day. It still tended to fall out every once in a while until I crazy-glued it.

    Then the real problem happened, the plastic clip (the bumps that keep the knob down when it's locked) started to wear due to the grips on the thumb-screw/knob. After about 3 months of somewhat heavy use the plastic wore so much that any upward bumps on the treo made it come unclipped (hitting the button was no longer necessary). I was extremely worried about walking in an open stairwell where the drop could have been much more than 3 feet. I also had problems with my winter coat which happened to have an elastic cuffed bottom like many do. This would push up on it all the time and my phone would be knocked off.

    The innopocket is great for protection, but it causes most of the chances it has to protect if you wear it on your belt. Now I use it when I mow the lawn or work outside and I put it inside of a padded case that has a good belt loop because it is awesome for knocks and bumps.

    You'll find plenty of other posts with similar stories.

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    I do all the time and it's been 3 months and I've never had a problem dropping it.

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    2 months of fairly heavy usage here with no problems after the first day. Day 1, I had it unscrew on me once where it fell and a second time, but noticed it. Tightened the screw with a dime and it hasn't loosened up since.
    The plastic clip is wearing a little, but no where near enough for my phone to fall out.
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    You have to be REALLY comfortable with your manhood to be wearing that huge thing on your belt.

    Mine is on sale on the marketplace for the same reason. Too big for my blood to wear but EXCELLENT as travel protection in a brief case etc..
    I have detailed files.
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    I wear mine on my hip, I've only had one problem with it, and that's because I didn't clip it in properly. (The clip has a VERY strong spring, so it can sometimes be difficult to fully snap the phone in, but once it's in, it is IN.)

    In that one incident, the phone took a trip down a stairwell. Some damage to the case (95% of it reversible, the window has a few marks on it though), not even a scratch on the phone.
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    it's a great case, but way too big to wear using the clip. i keep it in my front pocket and pair it up with a jabra 250. it's taken some pretty tough falls, but has done it's job protecting the treo.
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    In the past I never used anything but an Innopocket hard case (for my Clies and Palms). But since my pda is now a phone, the hard case doesn't feel good on the ear, in my opinion, and I decided that it wasn't for me. I returned it and got the EB leather case instead. My next purchase will be the egrips.
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    ...and that is why the Treo 650 has bluetooth and works with a bunck of different BT headsets. I never put my Treo on my ear even without a case.


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