Just wanted to pass along a recent glitch I experienced while using the TCPMP and pTunes.

I've had TCPMP (SD Card) on my Treo 650 for weeks, and nary a problem. In fact none. That is...until I installed pTunes (RAM) this last weekend.

Suddenly, the TCPMP audio became distorted--experiencing "flutters" in the audio every few seconds. This was regularly, consistent fluttering, and with any/every .avi video I had. The same .avi videos played fine on my PC, so I know it was somethig wrong with the Treo.

Short story: Uninstalled both TCPMP and pTunes. Reinstalled first pTunes to RAM, then re-installed TCPMP. Tried it, and there was still some audio distortion when using TCPMP (no audio problems using pTunes). Performed a quick soft-reset, and voila!, problem gone.

Don't know what resolved the problem, perhaps I just needed a soft-reset before all the uninstalling/installing. But, hey, it works now so I'll leave it alone...