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    I have been pretty happy using Auto GK to compress my dvd's so they will fit on my SD Card. Some of my settings are that I use that target size to set it at 30% quality, then set the width to be 320, then use VBR mp3 at 128 KBPS. For movies that are 22 minutes long (family guy) they come out to about 67MB. I could do high compression, but have found at 30% quality I don't see any pixelation. What are some of your specs.
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    Since I only have a 256mb sd card, I set target size instead of quality. I find that width of 320, mp3 vbr at 64kbps, I can set target size for a DVD movie to 200mb and be completely watchable. Although I'm noticing the audio isn't syncd right so ill be experimenting with that soon trying to fix it.
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    The reason I stopped using target size was because what happened was it would run a second pass on the video. When I set the quality it would run it only one time and take less time to run. Could you try running it using the quality and see if you get any better or worse results.

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