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    Maybe just a link to the other thread would solve the problem, as well as indicate to the poster that the topic is already active.

    Didn't mean to start a war, just tired of hearing 'do a search' with no attempt to provide any useful information.

    End of my input on this.

    Better things to do with my time than argue over 'politeness' or lack of.
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    Quote Originally Posted by derek985
    I think the problem here is that you've caught forum-disease - too much time on your hands + more than 2600+ posts = jerk. Take a break, go outside and get some sun, you do live in So. Cal after all.

    And if you don't like what I've just said, consider this, I'm moderating you the same way you're moderating others.

    My sentiments exactly...
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    As a new member to treocentral, but not new to user forums, I'm going to add something that doesn't seem to have been addressed. And that is that searches quite often fall short of satisfying the "do a search" answer. I can do a search on, lets say "disconnect" or "treo not hanging up" and the result is multiple pages with multiple threads, each having multiple postings. To be honest, me spending hours filtering through and getting sidetracked is certainly not as productive as asking a question and getting an answer. The thread with a topic about "Treo problems" with a match of "Application xyz is hanging does not tell me anything about a treo not hanging up.

    So yes, I do search and so do many other people. But there are some questions just can't be phrased in such a way that the search engine is that helpful.

    On the other hand, if all I want is some generic information about Directory Assistant and I've settled down with a cup of coffee and some free time, then yes, the seach engine is a great asset and needs to be utilized.

    Just my .02

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    Can anyone tell me if I can get the cradle for the Treo 650 by itself? All I can find are bundles of stuff I already have.
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    I've seen the cradle on Ebay by itself.
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    Guess the point I was trying to make, was that if the same amount of effort was expended to direct the poster to an active thread as was being wasted telling them to 'do a search', maybe everyone would be better served. AND, the poster may not feel like he/she got a slap across the face.

    Just seems there HAS TO BE a better way than to keep saying 'do a search' - I really do feel it is now more offensive than the poster that DOESN't try to search first.

    Anyway, that is my thought of the day. Not very deep, but there it is.
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    Blah ... Blah ...
    Maybe we should start a Tread on discussing "Do search" and "Posting before you do a search" or maybe there are already threads for these subjects already.

    As for DA: I am using the latest version, Tmobile proxy, in Vegas.
    No problems at all. it works great and it is at a great price.
    10/10/04 Ebayed my T600 ...
    I want my Treo 650 !!
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    I am providing this because I don't recall a DA version mentioned (It may have gotten lost in the usless "do a search" chant - I for one know that the search does not product valid list with a timely solution).

    I installed DA (from a copy on my laptop) on a fellow manager's 650 today and got a strange error (not sure if it was the same error or not). I deleted and searched Google for DA. I found DA on and installed it again. It had the same problem. Finally I checked the version on my own 650 and found it to be 3.10 and it had a pretty app icon. The version I installed on the co-worker device was 3.01 and had the default circle with the stylus icon. I thought I was loading the latest;however, I was not. Once I found it on the developer's site which I think was on a sub site. Check your version.
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    See General Chat for a temp solution until Rick Whitt fixes the problem.

    There is a detailed discussion of the DA problem in the Utilities section.
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