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    Are there any MS Access compatible databases out there? I am looking for something that has the seamless nature like Quicksheet is for Excel. I want to build some databases for data collection purposes (duh) that I can then dump into my desktop. Any insight is appreciated.
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    Satellite forms if you are a millionaire.
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    I've had real success with Thinkdb
    Doesn't sync directly to Access but uses an export/import model (not comma delimited where you have to open access and import or export).
    You can download a trial.
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    If you need to be able to sign the data collection sheets, Pendragon Forms integrates seemlessly into Access. It costs $149.00 but for professional quality databases this is the way to go. They do have a demo available.

    Additional features include ability to use a scanner for barcodes and it is multiuser enabled and able to sync over a network.

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    My vote is for Think DB. Version two is in beta now. It is much improved. It also will offer a conduit for syncing directly to Access.

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