I hear TC is looking into carrying this great headset. I recently bought one because I didn't want to carry around an extra charger just for the headset, and I didn't want to have to compete for use of my Treo 650's charger (i.e., with the Treo BT Headset) since I charge my Treo & headset while I sleep.

Enter the Motorola HS 805...

I purchased from a CompUSA store, price: $49.99.


Takes 1 AAA battery, supposed to run for over 20 hours of talk on Alkaline AAA (up to 30 with lithium AAA) and 16 days stdby.


- Sprint Treo 650 with FW 1.8
- Battery used: fully charged AAA 750mAH NiMH battery (hasn't run down after 3 days of solid use-1.5 hr talk/day). Because of the difference in voltage, it may limit the range somewhat when compared to a fresh Alkaline cell, but hasn't impeded my ability to use the headset.
- Range: some static at 5-15 feet, more at farther range from phone (often worse static in WiFi zones, but no problem in the car).
- Works good when phone is clipped to hip (same or opposite side as headset)
- Volume is adjustable via buttons on the headset. Sound is great.
- A couple callers have asked me to "speak up" - not sure if the angle is correct on the headset or if it's just not as loud - but it hasn't happened before I started using this headset.
- Recording my VM greeting through the headset, it sounds a little more "electronic" than via a landline or through the phone directly, but I didn't notice a volume level problem.
- Comfortable fit, although a little bit loose feeling at times, esp. when tilting head back or making quick head turns. May fall off if not resting on ear correctly and tilting head just the right way. Possibly a little difficult to get mic pointing directly at mouth (could explain the "speak up" requests).
Functions tested:

- Auto HF. When call is placed on Treo650, HS automatically picks up if turned on and nearby. Sometimes there is a slight pairing delay, but 3/4 times it picks up by the 1st ring.
- Auto Redial. A problem here. Hold down the MF button initiates a redial, but when call is transferred to HS, you cannot hear anything. This is apparently a known issue at Palm1.
- Pairing during a call. Quick & efficient . Press MF quickly to connect. Press MF quickly to hang up call.
- Call Hold. Call in progress, press and hold MF until beep to put call on hold. Press and hold MF until beep to unhold the caller. Note: if press MF quickly while caller is on hold, it will disconnect the call and hang up the phone (by design of the headset). COULD NOT GET CALL HOLD TO DO ANYTHING - it doesn't even mute the call, however:
- Call Waiting. Call in progress with incoming call waiting. Press & Hold MF. Phone switches to call waiting call. Press & Hold MF. Call switches back to original caller. Tested this & switching back & forth several times. This feature works great.
- Answering incoming call. Ring tone plays starting with about the 2nd treo ring, give or take a second. Press MF button to answer. Works!
- Incoming call reject. Ring tone plays starting with about the 2nd treo ring, give or take a second. Press & Hold MF button until beep. Treo quits ringing and display goes back to phone dialpad, often after about a 1 ring delay after tone is heard in headset.


The only other BT headset I've had experience with was the JustWireless BT Headset (registers as EZtalk in known devices). That unit had definite pairing delay problems (2-10 seconds, sometimes not pairing at all), lots of static when over 1-2 ft. away from the treo, especially in WiFi environments, and had 90 min talk time fully charged).

All of these problems are resolved with the Motorola HS805. Here are the overall pros/cons of this headset as I see it:

- The longest talk time of any headset on the market - hands down. Super convenient for road warrior-types.
- No need to lug around an extra charger; AAA batteries are easy to carry and can be bought anywhere (even at gas stations!)
- Comfortable wearing over long periods.
- Very good listening sound quality, volume easily adjustable to 8 different levels with separate easy-to-find up/down buttons.
- A good variety of HF features (listed above; documentation states ability to initiate Voice Dialing, if Treo650 ever gets this feature)

- Weighs more than other headsets (roughly 1/2 oz without battery, 1 oz with 750mAH NiMH AAA battery)
- No recharging ability/Have to buy AAA alkaline batteries (can use AAA NiMH without problems, although owners manual only recommends Alkaline or Lithium)
- Redial and Hold functions do not work with Sprint Treo 650 v1.8; Voice dial via BT headset feature is not yet supported by Treo 650 SW.
- Not a completely snug fit in all situations. Direction of microphone, if off a bit, might not pick up voice loudly enough for caller to hear clearly. This may improve with practice.

Time will tell:

How long (practically) a NiMH rechargeable battery will operate the device on a charge (haven't used it long enough).
How much of an early warning the device will give before the NiMH, Alkaline, or Lithium battery dies.
If the next PalmOne update to the Sprint Treo650 will resolve the Hold/Redial/Voice dial issues.