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    I have the PalmOne T650 swivel case. Twice the belt clip has gotten snagged yanking the case to the ground. And three times the snap on top has gotten snagged yanking my bare T650 to the ground (once down two flight of concrete stairs). Still works, but look like h*ll with too many scratches. This case needs to go in the gabage bin before my T650 is completely ruined.

    This never happened with my old non-swivel Nokia cell phone or pager, because those cases held on tighter and much closer to my body.

    Which belt clip cases fits so close that they cannot get snagged or pulled loose, or yanked open?

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    I have the Covertec Horizontal belt case and I've found it to be the best. The belt clip flush and leather covered and won't slide off the belt.

    Covertec Case

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