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    My 650's Flashing Indicator light is annoying. I tried using Treo Butler to control it (that worked) but Butler kept backlighting the screen regularly and running the battery down so I unistalled it. Does anyone know of a utility that controls just the indicator light so I can turn it off, or control it to do what I want?
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    My prob is Treo Butler isn't reliable. Constantly having to use the reset LED button. Don't think I'll register for now.

    Is there another option?
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    Great program called ledoff. It will do the job for you.

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    do a search for ledoff. it's a program that will let you control it.
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    LedOff is the best! JFM is a very good developer and you can trust the applications he produces will work and will not cause stability problems on your Treo.

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    You guys are great!!! Thanks for such a quick response!!
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    Yeah, I love LED Off. I really only turn off 1 indicator, and that's the "fully charged" light so I know when it's done topping off.
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