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    Yesterday I got stuck in a reset look and had to do a hard reset. I reinstalled all my programs and did a hotsync and most things are working perfectly fine.

    However, I cannot access any internet functions and Blazer will not even connect. The "connecting" dialog box does not even appear and I've tried to upload a picture message and use other "internet enabled" programs and I get an error that states the connection can not be opened.

    Anyone else have an error similar to this? I use Sprint if that makes a difference. Is there a setting I am missing? Do you need to reenable your Vision profile when you do a hard reset?
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    Try restoring your Network pbds back. There should be 3 of them.

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    You can also go to your Network Preference and try to connect manually. But this will only work if the Username etc are filled correctly. If they are blank then you need to resync the 3 files above and also including the Carrierprofiles.pdb.
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    Still doesnt work... It just completly hangs and does not even try to connect... Any other ideas???
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    When you go to Prefs > Network, are there any network profiles there iuncluding whatever the default one was for Sprint?
    It's possible this setting could have gotten blown away. THere is a workaround for restoring it if so.

    That workaround is:
    Use FileZ to delete NetworkDB.pdb
    Reset the Treo with the reset hole on the back
    Turn on the Treo, let it find the sprint network.
    Then go back to prefs > Network and see if the default settings are back.

    If your sprint vision network profile is already there, then this is not your problem and don't do this convoluted workaround.
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    depending on what area youre in, i called cingular yesterday for another issue, but asked why all of a sudden my internet wasnt working and they said they are having large outtages in various parts of the country, im traveling in austin right now, and it is still down after a day, they also said southern california is having outtages too. Either theyre lying, or the outtages are wide-spread.

    whenever i try and connect to anything, it just cancels itself.
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    I am with Sprint and had this issue a month ago. Took it to Sprint shop and they fix it for me. No idea what was missing.
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