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    I have a lot of personal info on my Treo 650 (Sprint) so I set it up to automatically prompt for a power-on password whenever it turns on. I know this is a bit inconvenient, but I'd rather be inconvenienced a little every time I turn it on and know that if its ever lost or stolen my personal information isn't compromised. However, I often use my phone as my only time-keeping device and it would be nice if on the power-on password entry screen it would tell you the time and date in addition to the owner info and letting you enter the password. Anyone know if this is possible, or if there is a utility out there that might do this without sacrificing the security I have in place? Thanks!
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    I do the same. You can never be too careful, you know.
    I use the newest version of profiles by milan? it pops up with the time and date...
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    Get keyguardtime+ , its the next best thing. Will give you time plus other status info when you unlock the keyguard.
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    I don't use the lock at power on all the time but I found a way cool app to do it for me. I registered TreoAlarm and if you register soon, they give you a program called Remote Lock. It allows you to sms your phone with a code and it will instantly lock it using the Palm security. IT WORKS AWESOME. It alone was well worth the cost of the registration fee (which was small anyway) and you get the weather and alarms too.

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    Get Keyguard Time+ works fine for what you need and is free
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