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    Hi, have a handspring modem coming (used), I understand it contains no web software that comes bundled like the thincom of springport 56 (xircom). Suggestions on web browsing softare? I understand eudora does not support graphic. Also any modem user successes with the free dial up services like altavista?


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    Try AvantGo - the latest version supports 'live' web browsing in addition to the usual channel subscription, and it works pretty well... there are even some rudimentary History and Bookmarking functions included.

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    What an excellent idea to use AvantGo. I am already using it for channels. Can't wait for the modem to arrive. Anyone get a FREE DIAL-UP service to work with the Handspring Modem ?
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    I have only gotten Juno to connect. and netzero do not work for me. You must use RASspy SW to find out your "hidden" username and password. Search discussion for free isp for more information.
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    I am on my Visor with HS modem on proxiweb through bluelight isp. HEHE. I use Avantgo and Proxiweb.
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    Got in on Juno the other night, but still wrestling with Netzero...the Raspy worked fine for Juno, but had problems with NZ for some reason....think I'll meander over to "the bluelight special" good suggestion

    "Stupid Handspring."

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