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    Hey everyone,

    Does anyone know of an external KB for the Treo 650 that is like the old Palm one for the T600? My big gripe with all the keyboards I've been able to find is that they split the space bar (spacebar) rite where my left thumb rests, which makes touch typing a REAL pain!

    If you don't remember what the old one was like, this is it:

    Any suggestions?

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    I wish there was. I really miss the Treo 600 keyboard. The "universal" ones just don't work as well. The Freedom keyboard, for example, does not support 5-way navigation,even though the manual says it does. You have to use the stylus to navigate, which is a real nuisance.

    The Palm IR keyboard is a little better, but still not as solid as a dedicated keyboard like for the Treo 600.

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