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    I have a locked Cingular GSM T650 on the Cingular network and I upgraded the fw to 1.21 and it works fantastically! I dont see any visual performance changes but it freed up a ton of memory from trashing Cingular apps and the volume increased tremendously (both the handset and the speaker). My system still hasn't crashed yet (one day of a lot of use).

    The one problem that I'm having is that on all incoming phone calls, I get a "No Caller ID" instead of a phone number or name. Anyone have any idea why this might be the case? Anyone experiencing similar problems?
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    Same problem, but mine is with the 1.13 update (GSM Unlocked). Can't find any support on it.

    I notice your post was over 5 weeks ago. Did you get it resolved?
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    try either running the installer again, assuming it will allow you to or backtrack back to 1.21 or 1.23 then go back to 1.28. It almost sounds like you have something corrupt...when all else fails, reboot


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