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    I've had a very strange thing happen to me with a Treo 650 on Sprint and Versamail. We configure our company Exchange server to use POP3. I configured the Versamail with the account info and t connected to the mail server and it displayed "checking mail" and it just stayed there not doing anything. Has anyone run into this problem? I know the account settings are correct because I configured the account in Outlook and it worked fine.

    Thank you in advance.
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    I had the same problem with Worsamail. Using FileZ, I deleted all the files created by asc3 and asc4 (about 12 files). Now Worsamail works. This solution was for the Worsamail constantly causing a reset. I hope this helps.
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    How do I reinstall Versamail is it on the setup CD?

    Thanks again,

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    I've had versamail get stuck like this (normally when I've gone through a tunnel on the train and lost coverage). I've just done the soft reset and got going again. You could have something wrong in your connection settings, but there is no way to "reinstall" versamail as Palm decided to put it right in the main rom. Check with your systems tech and make sure you've got all the settings correct.
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    It seems to just take a long time to download the emails from the POP3 connection to our Exchange even though I have put several options to reduce the download time. However it does seem to me that he has received the emails on the phone it just takes several hours. It does send right away though.

    Any ideas to speed the download of the emails. The bottleneck might be our network.

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