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    I've tried Jot and Graffiti Anywhere, is there one that is REALLY stable on the 650? Why did palm take it away! Uhg....
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    Try TealScript. I use it all the time and it has never crashed or hung.
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    they took it away because the device is designed to be used with one hand, not really with a stylus. Like it or not, that's the deal. No need for graffiti OR the stylus, since text is entered via the keyboard, and the 5-way nav gets you around the screen.

    Don't fight it - give in to the 5-way magic. You'll get much more out of the device than messing around with Graffiti or TealScript or whatever. And I was the biggest and fastest Graffiti guy out there for the longest time - started to get away from it when I got my Treo300, and then totally left it behind when I got my first 600. In fact, on the 300, I was like 'hey, I need to add in Jot or something' - I did that, and so rarely used it that I left it behind and have never looked back since.

    The Treo is supposed to be a PHONE, and you don't use a stylus with a phone - one hand navigation baby - that's the secret sauce. Trust in me - you'll like the device better in the long run if you get on board with the 5-way and the one hand, and no more stylus/Graffiti. Yessssss.......

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