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    I've had my Treo 600 for 6 months, I just ordered the reccommended Jabra Bluetooth & adapter. I hooked it up and everything worked perfectly... except, after I unhook the blue tooth and try to use the Treo 600 on it's own... now there is no sound on my Treo... I can only use my phone now with the bluetooth... otherwise everything works but without sound.
    I checked my settings, did a soft reset as well as a system reset... I got another Treo delived today but I'm concerned the same thing will happen with teh new phone if I use my bluetooth again.

    Anyone hear of this? Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance.
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    I have used the Jabra 210 and bluetooth headset for some time I have never had this happen to me.
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    josojohn: are you using this setup with the Freedom program?

    I thought I read somewhere that people have had issues when they use the audio jack and when they pull the adapter (or headphones) out, something with the jack keeps telling the treo that it is still plugged in (so you end up with no sound to the speaker).

    Freedom has some options in it where it will automatically force the audio to go to the speaker after a certain amount of rings. You might look at the trial version if this happens again?
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    I've been using the Jabra A210/BT headset setup on my 600 for over a month with no problems.
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    What is the "freedom program"?
    I think what you described is exactly my problem. I just got a replacement from Treo - warrentee... I'm afraid to use my bluetooth until I find out more about this.

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