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    I have two other cases from Vaja. One is for my older T68i. It's the i-volution style. The other is for my Palm m505. It's the classic style w/ flip cover and snap closure. I have a Treo 600 now and can't decide between the two, since they have both available.

    The classis will certainly offer more protection. But, I'm wondering if it will be bothersome to have a flip cover. I didn't really mind for my Palm.

    Has anyone use both for a smartphone?

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    The price is not a deciding factor. I do agree that the leather on the i-volution is better. But, the classic still has good quality leather. The big deciding factor is if I want a flip cover. This will certainly add protection. I wish they only had one available so I would have a choice. LOL

    Any other opinions?
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    well remember the ivolution has the T65 (no flip) and the T66 (flip). I have both. My T66 is great, but it doesnt fit in my normal place for my cell phone, and its a little bulky to put in my painters pants for work. I have thought about going back to my T65, but I would miss the flap. I dont have to worry about the keys getting pressed as i did for my T65

    and the T66 unlike the classic flips down...has a magnetic closure as opposed to a snap, Im pretty sure there is no plastic covering on either, and the T66 has a push style SD slot, the classic has the duo slot but no push style
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    Ok...I see, you are referring to your case for the 650. I have the 600. The only i-volution for the 600 is w/o the flap. The classic comes w/ the flap. And the flap on hte classic is a snap closure. The flap will add protection for the screen and keys and also add slots for SD cards. But, I do like the leather on the i-volution. Hmmm....such a decision.
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    i remember reading a while back as well, people who ordered the classic case had theirs fall apart.
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    Really...I've not read about that. I've had a classic style for my Palm for about a year now. I carried it with me everyday for about the last 8 or 9 months that I worked at Home Depot. It certainly took it's share of beatings. It has held up great. I have an i-volution for my T68i. I haven't carried it around in quite awhile, but it was very nice. I really wish they made an i-volution w/ a flap for the 600. I'll probably end up ordering the classic style w/ the flap due to the extra protection for the screen and keypad.
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    ^if you've had great experiences with the classic, then go with it Ive never gotten a classic case before, only ivolution.

    Yeah there is only that one type of ivolution case for the Treo 600, but mine held out well..EXCEPT! I have a GSM Treo 600, and I dont know if the newer ones do this or not, but my face of my phone is entirely flat. The sprint one i remember has the bump by the earpiece, and so does the Treo 650 ones (all of them). I would notice of course, that the ivolution case was made to accomindate the bump on the earpiece on the Treo 600. But in my case there was no bump on my Treo 600, so i had to squash it down to rest on the ear piece.

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