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    Maybe I haven't been looking hard enough, but I haven't seen anyone mention anything about the official release of the unlocked GSM FW update recently. Has anyone gotten word on when that might be rolled out? I'm a bit skeptical on installing these beta FW's floating around based on the fact that if the "finalized" FW that shipped installed on the 650 is so rediculously unstable, how could I possibly trust a beta version?
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    it was supposed to be last month
    then last week
    then a few days ago

    so to answer your question, no one has a clue, even nostradamus
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    Quote Originally Posted by hofo_mofo
    so to answer your question, no one has a clue, even nostradamus
    Probably not even PalmOne!
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    I spoke with a P1 staffer at a trade show in early April. He told me that the GSM FW update was finished -- but that they needed to get Cinqular to sign off on it before it could be released.

    And as a courtesy to Cinqular they wouldn't release the unlocked version until about a week after that ...

    as he bemoaned to me, they are company with a large name, but small resources, and a small staff

    (and one easily controled by their big customers -- my words, not his... )
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    ^see thats all well and good, but so many times have we heard from people who heard it from a rep or what not that it was coming out "soon"

    example, the bluetooth drivers for the Treo 600
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    Well, Schmont, I understand your scepticism about the release but 1.23 beta really is very good. I'd go for it if I were you as it's fixed pretty much all the problems with the phone. And the Voice-dialling update (official form Palm one) seems to have fixe dthe speaker volume issue too!
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    I was very hesitant, took a deep breath, did the unofficial upgrade, and have not regretted it for one second after.
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    I just spoke with my friend who works for a major developer of handheld software. I asked him when the GSM update would be out and he said "Any day now."
    His company just today released a patch for their software for the palm update.
    He has been pretty reliable to me..
    (it is funny, we are both sitting next to each other playing with our GSM 650s..)

    So, I hope he is right.. I agree that we are probably waiting for Cingular to certify their version before releasing the unlocked version.
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    ISA, I am confused as well!?! What is a treat initiator? My dog perhaps thinks I'm a treat initiator......
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    Ive installed 1.23 with no problems, works well. (Cing branded unlocked GSM)
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    ^sorry im a little confused

    you have a CNG (Cingular) branded got it unlocked, and flashed it with the 1.23-ROW (Rest Of World) firmware...correct? (just making sure I understand you correctly)
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    Yep, you got it. And I use it with Turkcell here in Istanbul.

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