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    Stopped working for some reason, anyone else? I've always gotten a vibration alert about 30 seconds after getting an email on my corporate account (using Sprint BC), then it automatically syncs and I get the email. Now it's stopped. I only get emails when my scheduled sync occurs.
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    Ditto, this started happening to me as well without provication. Anyone else?
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    I just noticed the same thing. Strange...
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    Yes, I've had this problem for at least a week now. I thought it might have been related to installing 1.08 (aka, Shadowmite #5) on my phone, but apparently it isn't. I've been all over the settings to see if I turned something off, but I didn't find anything.

    Very annoying, since I've missed a bunch of emails telling me I had production issues.
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    This just started happening to me today. I've had 1.08 installed for weeks now, I haven't made any software changes in the last week or so. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Sprint must be having issues. The only changes I've made to my phone in the past few weeks are Shadowmite #5 and installing a couple of unrelated programs.

    But mine hasn't been getting "pushed" email for at least a week.
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    on the phone with sprint now. I talked to a represenative who said it had something to do with the account setup, their system had conflicting BC and Data plan info, she corrected that and transferred me to the tech support, on hold with them now. She said another caller had a similar problem and that they are picking up on it. Just sent a test email and it did not push through to my inbox.
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    ok, it became clear that the guy I was talking to had no idea what he was talking about. His answer was to uninstall it from my desktop and reinstall it. I'm in that process, will let you know if it fixes it. Total phone time 56 minutes.
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    God bless CSR's, they may be clueless, but they do a job I wouldn't do. Reinstalling the desktop client seems painless enough, let us know if it works.
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    well, no big shocker, that didnt work
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    on with another CSR who also has no clue, I had to explain what "push" meant. how are they supposed to help when I know more about their service than they do?
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    These are the types of problems that arise with the palmOne/(Insert wireless carrier name here) relationships. You're asking a wireless CSR to help out with a software problem that they were probably never trained on.
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    The guy did not understand Business Connect at all. He did not know what push was. After waiting to talk to a supervisor, he came back to tell me that there is only manual checking of email. I went on to tell him that the TOP BULLET POINT IN THE DESCRIPTION of BC reads "Email - Push delivery provides immediate access..."

    He kept trying to get me to talk to IT at my company, well its clearly not my IT department since I am getting emails and can get them through a manual sync on my treo.

    He would not let me talk to a supervisor. VERY IRRITATING. If anyone else has any luck with this please post a fix. Is ANYONE getting their email pushed?
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    CSR - "We don't offer email with our phones. SMS only. Is there anything else I can help you with today?"
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    So I guess I'll try again tonight when I calm down. I will only talk to a supervisor. Good to know they take the time to develop a pretty badass application for corporate email and then don't even bother to offer any support for it.
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    That's the problem, they didn't write it. They're licensing it from Seven, who has their own push email solution.
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    did you check the device settings in the Business Connect website? If you have multiple devices, delete them so you wind up having a single device listed.

    Also, have you checked the notification settings for the SMS notify? Sometimes your addy may get corrupted/misconfigured, so verify that its your actual sms address.

    I'm sure you've tried most of these things already-- can you receive SMS? That's how BC triggers a pull...

    I'm a beta tester for Seven, and the two are nearly identical in appearance and function.
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    Sprint has screwed something up. Now I'm getting: "Error S7302: Cannot connect to server. Please try again."

    For no real reason.

    Push actually started working earlier today for a while, but it's not now. I can connect to BC via desktop browser and Blazer on Treo. So it would seem the Treo BC client is messed up. I guess I'll reinstall and see what happens.

    If wish I could bill Sprint for all the wasted hours I've spent troubleshooting Business Connection (and even though it's OEM software from Seven, Sprint is still the first line of support, which means it's their responsibility).

    I am so ready to drop BC, if only there were an equal or better alternative -- not just "push" corporate email but easy document access as well.
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    This is my first bad experience with it, but I've only been using it for a month and a half. It's really not THAT big of a problem since I can still sync and get my mail, but it's really annoying that push isn't working properly. You don't have to set up SMS alerts to go to the treo to get pushed emails right?
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    In looking at the desktop client i found 13 devices listed. what's that all about? which ones are safe to delete?? some have my current hotsync id, some an old one and the first device is just my phone number. should i just keep that one?
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