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    My question might be bit off-topic, but does BC let you monitor and push 2 email accounts at the same time? I have both personal+work accounts (both POP/IMAP).
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    My push stopped working as well after downloading the new version
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    stupid version update, what is even different? They have been talking about letting you enter new calendar entries and edit current entries from the phone, but as far as I can tell, that is not possible with this version.
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    Mine stopped working as well now...what a waste.
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    Great, I installed the updated desktop and Palm version this morning as my older version also stopped pushing like a lot of other users apparently. Now I am not even getting SMS notification anymore and of course no push....
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    Same here in the panhandle of Texas, not getting "pushed" mail anymore after I updated. It was getting sporadic before I updated. I have switched my preferences to every 15 minutes.
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    mine just started randomly working again this morning.
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    Mine also seems to have started working late last night or early this morning. I do know that at some point late yesterday, my desktop redirector could not connect to the server so maybe they were "fixing" it.
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    Mine started sometime during the night as well. Still does not seem to push as fast as it once did though.
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    I noticed when I came back from a meeting that my desktop client had disconnected (this never happens) but I reconnected, it did not immediately push, but noticed this morning that it was pushing. There is a slight delay but it was never instant for me anyway. I can handle an average 3 minute delay.
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    Mine started working this morning as well.

    The way they handle their service delivery is really astonishing: they do an upgrade with no prior notification, it causes widespread service outages lasting multiple days, they seem to get it working again, and over the whole thing not a single word from Sprint.
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    #52 it me or is this app. becoming more usless by the day. doesn't seem to want to push again.
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    mine was working this morning, haven't noticed if it is still.
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    Mine stopped pushing this afternoon again. Even when I try manually, it is veeerrrry slow.
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