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    I know there are quite a few threads about memory issues, but I haven't found one that addresses this particular issue. If anyone can point me to the right thread (if there is one), I'd appreciate it. If not, hopefully someone has experienced this and knows how to solve it.

    I recently installed Goodlink (and of course immediately ran out of memory). However, by moving a few things around (especially Docs to Go), I was able to get back a bunch of memory. Now have about 8MB available (according to the Info on the main screen). Just recently, however, the system has been telling me that I've run out of data memory. I experience this when I can't download my email from my other systems (personal email through Snapper). When I go to look at how much memory I have available, it tells me that I have 8MB available. What gives? Any help much appreciated.


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    I had a similar problem before. I backed up everying on a hotsync (I also used SyncAll) and did a hard reset. No problem since even tough my free space still says 4MB.
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    The problem is not how much memory you have left, but how it is allocated. Get the memory info app from this thread
    The NVFS Cache is the important part. The total free and largest free chunk show you how much memory is available for your apps to use. This amount will vary as you run different apps. Some apps do not release all of the memory they were using. This is a similar situation to when Windows complains about low system resources. A soft reset will restore this available memory to it's largest amount.
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    THanks, guys. That little memory app is very enlightening. I'm following what happens to my memory usage as I open and close different apps. Very useful!
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    Anyway to increase the cache size? How about UDMH?

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