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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Gamble
    Push the bottom of the phone through the case's screen cut-out; after the bottom is seated and the keyboard shows through the keyboard cut-out, pull the top of the case up from the back of the phone, and over the top.
    Thanks Bill, I will give my review when I receive it.
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    since its black
    i bet u see even more lint and dust
    but we'll see
    i ordered mine today..and it was shipped today
    that was cool
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    Maybe my pockets are pretty clean, but I get very little lint on mine. So far after a week of use, I'm considering getting a second one as a backup. :P
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    if i dont like mine..ill consider selling it
    ive never used a condom case...haha.
    maybe i just bought it to call it that
    but we'll see

    i just dont want the phone to get fatter..cuz its already a pain in my pocket
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    Let me know if you don't like it. In my opinion, it barely makes the Treo any fatter.
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    Anywhere else to get this case besides on eBay?
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    i just got mine

    it does make the treo fatter..i gotta say...not by a lot
    but its noticible to someone whos had the phone naked since they've gotten it

    the material is really nice...i keep picking it up to touch it ..its like a velvetty silcone mix..

    the phone also automatically looks cooler
    althouhg the middle send and home and the 5 way are totally covered
    but the outline in the case makes them easy to press
    although somone whos never used the phone..will to navigate teh phone
    cuz now all the buttons disapeared

    if anyone is thinking of getting a condom case..get this one
    i have no experience with any others...but this one is pretty nice
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    I just received mine as well and it does feel great. Even with the bigger size, it barely fits in my leather case. The skin feels buttery and nice to the touch. The cutout holes are kinda imperfect but they align perfectly. I'd say it is well worth it.
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    after using mine for about 2-3 hours
    i must willing to sell it
    i still stand by my review...but little or no bulk it does add makes me crazy
    plus it makes a little hard to get in and out of my jeans pocket...seeing as my jeans are a little tight..haha..put on some weight
    its in perfect condition
    if anyone wants it they can paypal me

    15$ shipped
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    I just ordered my second solid black case from GlobalSource PDA (eBay). It's been 5 months and I've about worn the first one out.
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