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    Am I correct in assuming that SprintTV is not available for the 650?

    Also, is the 650 Java compatible?

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    Not sure about sprint tv

    Java compatible... yes, need to install the emulator:
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    Yes the 650 is Java Compatible your java software should have come with your Treo 650 Installation CD but if not you can download it from the PalmOne Website for free.

    As for Sprint TV I done some searches and the word is that the Treo is missing an internal antanea to connect to the Sprint TV which is probably bull crap. So someone call sprint pcs and ask. I went to the website and couldn't see anything about it.

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    I think that if it is not available on the "Downloads" section of the vision homepage, it is not compatible with your phone.
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    anyone know of a good website to test java compatibility?
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    is sprint tv even available? i went to their website and didn't see any info about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wballz33
    anyone know of a good website to test java compatibility?
    I suspect that the Java support is for midlets, not applets. When you install the Java support from Sprint, Blazer will still not run Java applets. But you _will_ be able to run midlets that have been created for the Palm OS.

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    2 different sprint techs advised me that sprint tv and mobitv both will not work on the treo. :-( it blew my mind that a $600.00 phone could not run either one.
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    something I ran accross in the ppc forums awhile ago

    never really read the whole tread, but I figure if the pocket pc's can do it the treo might be able to also:

    just read the list of compatile devices "" Live TV works on virtually every smartphone with Microsoft Windows Mobile OS oh well looks like were SOL...

    But if they get enough inquiries from people on this forum... they might look into developing something for palm
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    Quote Originally Posted by hypesteve
    is sprint tv even available? i went to their website and didn't see any info about it.
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    I emailed them a few months back. Here was the reply:

    Hi Robert,

    Thank you for your interest in MobiTV.

    As you are aware, we do not currently support the Treo 650. Treo owners, as
    a group, have been very vocal in requesting support for their device. We are
    listening carefully and taking this feedback into account. There are many
    TREO users who are waiting for MobiTV. We are hoping to have this available
    on that technology in the near future -- but at this point do not have a
    target date for its delivery.

    We appreciate hearing from you and will continue to look into this issue.

    Thank you,

    MobiTV Customer Support

    Sent: Friday, April 01, 2005 1:43 PM
    Subject: Treo 650 - Sprint Question

    I noticed the Treo 650 - the most highly developed phone Sprint offers is
    not listed on your site. Will your product work on this Palm/phone device?

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    I talked to reps at CES 2005 who said they were working on it.

    My guess is that because you aren't dealing with a tiny phone screen running at 2 frames per second it would be a completely different hardware and software issue to put anything close to watchable on the Treo 650 screen.

    The technology is there, but the amount of bandwidth gobbled up by everyone watching TV on their phone would make the network unavailable for things such as OMG a phone call!

    What might work is a Java applet running the tiny phone's program (which I think has been done by a few) . You're still talking a tiny tiny screen at 2fps which is like a slide show of still pictures of some CNN anchor and the SOUND. That's the only real thing you are getting is the sound feed. This would be fairly simple to do on the 650 but It's my guess you won't be that impressed. Think less TV and more Slide show.

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