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    Hey everyone,

    I'm finally ready to start making some major changes to my Treo. I currently had the TreoAlarm app on my Treo but when i had to return it for them to give me another, i haven't downloaded it back yet. I was wondering which alarm app. is better as far as overall use and any other extras that may be included with the program. TreoAlarm or Butler??? I know with TreoAlarm it has the integrated weather that is cool. But i'm not that familiar with Butler. If someone could help me out with this i'd appreciate it greatly.

    Also as far as a program that will lock certain components and applications on my 650. For example, pics on the 650? I think the only one i've heard of was AppLock from palmgear. Is this the best? Also, when locking pics, do you have to lock all pics or will the program give you an option as to which pics/albums you would like to lock. Thanks a lot guys.
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    I just use Big Clock (Treo 600 version) It is free and works well for me.
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    I have used TreoAlarm and Butler on my Treo 650. They both work fine. They are both easy to configure/check. Each never failed to wake me up. I have gotten rid of my old alarm clock. Here are some comparative advantages.

    Treo Alarm:
    Weather (as you mentioned)
    Ascending ringer from soft to loud.
    8 (I forgot) differnet alarms
    Customizable snooze
    Cooler looking GUI

    MP3 alarms (with an MP3 editor you could mimic the "ascending" sound.)
    6 alarmes (this does not bother me) 2 is plenty
    Works with Butler Reminder sub-application.
    5 minute only snooze.
    The "Butler" application comes with a variety of sweet extra's (the alarm is really only a samll feature of Butler). The extra's are exactly what you would have hoped that P1 had made standard.

    When Tro Alarm was in beta, I used TreoAlarm. I purchased Butler for other reasons. I started using a "nature sounds" mp3 snippit for my alarm so I can wake up to gentle sounds. I quit using Treo Alarm for the alarm function but rather just used it for the weather. Treo Alram expired. I may go and buy it as I miss the weather function. If I didn't already have Butler, I would certainly buy TreoAlarm.

    From my palm V days, I am a huge Big Clock fan and am grateful for that developer's efforts. Unfortunatley, it does not seem compatible with the Treo 650. maybe that will change. Since I live in the midwest and do business with both coats, it was really useful having the big display showing NY and LA time.
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    and right now (until tomorrrow according to the treoalarm people) if you order treoalarm you get it at 12.95 and the remote locking program as well (only until tomorrow unless it gets extended again)
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    You were saying how you use Butler for the extra features... what are those extra features, you didn't go into detail with them. Let me know. Thanks. Also no one has commented on an app. lock program.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hofo_mofo
    and right now (until tomorrrow according to the treoalarm people) if you order treoalarm you get it at 12.95 and the remote locking program as well (only until tomorrow unless it gets extended again)
    according to the website, that promotion ended May 7. shame.
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    yeah I know...but I emailed them Monday cause I thought about purchasing it

    Tue 10/05/2005 08:19


    Yes. Free Remote Lock utility is still available. We had a couple of users who for various reasons couldn't register before May 7 and decided to extend the deadline until May 12th.

    Best regards, R

    KA wrote:
    Albeit the May 7th deadline has passed, I was wondering if I were to still purchase the program would I still be able to get the free remote unlock utility?

    I thank you for the excellent program and look forward to many more

    Thanks again


    hofo_mofo Treocentral and HowardForums

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    I use Palmary Clock. Seems to allow unlimited amount of alarms (I stopped after creating 11), allows mp3/wav alarms or ringtone, ascending volume, LED blinking and/or vibrate on alarm (or just play the sound). Snooze is not customizable however. Has lots of other features (stopwatch, timer, regular old clock which has lots of skins), moon phases etc.

    Can't comment on app lock program, don't think there's much out there and applock on the 600 was really buggy from what I recall (no idea about on the 650).
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    ahhh, thanks for the splanation!

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    Butler Extra features:
    Reminds you with mp3’s when you have calls, sms, voicemail, and appointments.
    Access your any program/weblink/speeddial by pressing any “keyboard” button at any time.
    Set the normal state for the LED to alternative states
    Command bar access
    Replace the keyguard with one that lets alarms play through
    Automatically hide the SMS arrival popup

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