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    It started innocently enough - the Treo650 didn't ship with OS6 which just seemed stupid since they were releasing OS6.1.

    In the interim many devices have launched at various pricepoints which are better at the device level and only lagging in the form-factor department and include all of the features that people are buying from 3rd parties for PalmOS.

    Microsoft launches an entirely new operating system that's in shipping devices and we're still waiting on GSM 1.25 so we can have our devices work properly - and then buy/upgrade all of our applications so that we have equivalent functionality.

    We get more and more information that Blackberry/RIM are passing Palm in marketshare and Palm starts talking about releasing more devices in a market that has been shown clearly to be on the decrease. People are retreating from the stand-alone PDA market in droves. Only those margin players like Dell are sticking around, and palm most certainly doesn't compete with them.

    What's going on at Palm1/PalmSource, etc? Its like they are asleep at the wheel with no direction. Their involvement with the community is no beyond horrible - the uber secretive Apple has better community relations than Palm. Meanwhile Palm is about to hold a developers conference - but for what? To talk about a device category that people aren't buying into any more?
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    They are making decisions that you disagree with.
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    Palm Source makes marketing noise about an OS release when it releases an SDK for the newest versions. WHat they dont mention is that it takes at least 6 months for the devices to appear with that OS in place. MS is guilty of the same - they announced Windows Mobile 5.0 yesterday but it will probably be a while b4 we see the OS - there is one model of the XDA series which seems close to ready so at least they have more sense than Palm Source.

    What makes you want OS 6 anyhow? Is there something in it that is attractive to you besides the version number?
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    Bluetooth 1.2 and multitasking in particular. The OS SDKs will make it much easier for developers such as myself to implements core J2ME functionality via JNI as Palm for whatever reason does not support J2ME in PalmOS themselves.

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