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    I am using 1.23 on a Cingular phone. I have noticed that Datebk5 alarms do not always vibrate when they should. As best I can tell, the vibrate stops working when an alarm goes off during a phone call, and then no Datebk5 alarms work won't vibrate again until you reset the phone. I once got them to start working again after adjusting some sound & alerts settings in Prefs.

    Has anyone else noticed and wierdness?

    BTW, settings are Datebk5 handles alarms, Vibrate & Flash leds turned on, & sound and led work fine, it's just the vibrate that works intermittently.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I have the same problem. I have yet to determine why vibrate stops, and I think you can get it to start by running through the preferences and setting everything to vibrate again (they are already set there, it just seems to sort of reminds the device of the settings). A soft reset is actually faster than doing that, though.

    I haven't notified the DatBk5 developer yet as I had not yet determined a pattern of when this happens. I do know that the vibrate function is handled a bit differently for the 650 than for earlier devices, and that's probably the rot of the problem.
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    I think the problem seems to start with stacked up snoozed alarms or the device trying to not bother you when on a call or when using the bluetooth headset. However, I have had alarms pop up and had the vibrate work when on a call...

    Very strange...
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    I am reporting this to the Datebk 5 developer. I have a reliable(?) way to get the vibrate back. Go into Options|Preferences|Alarm for Datebk 5 and uncheck and check "Vibrate."

    It's worth noting that a Soft Reset is NOT a reliable fix for this!!
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    CESD responded back to the information that I sent him. I am still seeing the problem. Here's his response.

    From: Pimlico Software, Inc. <>
    To: Glenn Butler <>
    Date: May 12 2005 - 7:39pm

    Problem: vibrate alert feature seems to stop working intermittently on
    Treo 650. I can make it start working again (I think) if I do a soft
    reset, or if I go into prefs (Sound & Alerts) and save them again (no
    changes). It seems to start when I am on the phone or using a Bluetooth
    headset -- that's the first time the vibrate stops working.
    Some other data: In one of your recent release notes for 5.4a Release
    Candidate 1 I found this: "When alarm sound is silenced on a Treo-600 or
    Treo-650, vibration mode is also canceled." How do you silence alarms
    -- am I inadvertently doing this?

    No. This was just an undocumented quirk/bug in the Palm OS on that device
    that caused vibration mode to get canceled. Once I figured out what the Palm
    OS was doing, I just fixed it in DateBk5 so it was not an issue for DateBk5.

    >>Finally...see this thread that I started. Someone else is having the
    problem as well...

    Well, there's more than a few bugs and quirks in the Palm OS on this device
    vis-a-vis vibration. I've never seen this problem, but then again I never
    get phone calls and alarms occurring at the same time as I only turn on
    phone coverage when I travel (which is rare) as I have no cell-phone
    coverage where I live and work.

    There was a bug in an earlier preview of DateBk5 whereby, the vibration
    stuff got turned off unexpectedly. I fixed that bug, but my guess is that
    the Treo's phone function may the same bug I had (it wasn't a programming
    error per se - it was just an undocumented quirk that I had to figure out
    myself). Not even sure the vibration stuff works properly on the
    Treo-600/650 anyway (several people have told me it doesn't work properly in
    the built-in app?).

    There's no easy workaround because there's no EASY way to tell that a phone
    call is in progress on the Treo-600/650 (would be nice if there was just one
    type of query that would tell you that!). I will make a note of this issue
    though - it's possible I might at the very least be able to re-enable the
    vibration in case some other app or the Palm OS itself has messed it up.....

    CESD, Pimlico Software, Inc.
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    Thanks for this - it was driving me crazy too.

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