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    I have a Treo 650 which I sync to Outlook 2000 on both a work laptop (Win2k) and home PC (WinXPPro). When syncing on the work laptop the process takes about 15 minutes. Almost the entire 15 minutes is spent syncing to the Outlook conduits. My work exchange server is remote however I don't think that is the cause since my old Tungsten T3 did a full sync in typically less than 3 minutes. Outlook conduits are set to "synchronize" since I do work on both the laptop and Treo. Any suggestions out there would be much appreciated.
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    i just received my new vzw 650. i had a sony clie (palm os) and want to transfer that info to the new 650. do i do that BEFORE in install the new 650 disc??? help please

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