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    I've received a new Treo 650, it has Cingular splash screen with an AT&T SIM.
    I've input the correct unlocking code with the correct answer:"the SIM lock has been removed from the phone", but when replacing the SIM with my own it says that the SIM can not work with this phone!
    Does anyone know how to fix this?
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    the cfode you inputed, was it creaed with your IEMI code, or the 'fake' code that is abound on the web.

    it sounds like the later. the unlock code can only be created with your IEMI number. each phone/carrier has a unique code to unlock it.
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    It was created by the IEMI number I've supplied.
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    As I understand it, the subsidy lock code is generated by an algorithm that requires two inputs: the IMEI and the carrier code that it is locked to. If your Cingular phone is locked to an AT&T SIM, then unless you made that plain to the Cingular CSR you spoke to, it's entirely possible that they generated the code ising the Cingular carrier code, in which case it ain't gonna work.

    Your situation (CNG phone locked to ATT SIM, WTF?) is quite unusual. I'd try calling them again and explaining the situation - hopefully thay can generate a new code for you.
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    Even though it has a Cingular splash screen, it's an AT&T (blue) Treo. It's locked to AT&T and AT&T doesn't provide unlock codes under any circumstances. I had an AT&T Treo, but returned it and bought an unlocked version because I live in an area that Cingular is divesting to SunCom. The last thing I wanted was a phone locked to a carrier that is switching owners.
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    I bought a Treo 650 from the AT&T business center (now known as the Cingular business center) by calling 611 and asking to be transferred. I received my phone the next day (this past Friday - 05/06/05). The guy I got the phone from said they were sold out of AT&T logoed phones so they were sending me a "blank" phone and there was a chance it would be one of the unlocked ones. It arrived and it was a locked Cingular phone recoded to work with AT&T SIM cards. The phone works great!

    After reading this thread, I decided to call to see if i could unlock my phone.I called 866-287-6131 and told the lady I recently purchased the phone and was traveling to Europe in the very near future. She said the policy was not to unlock the AT&T phones since they did not provide the unlock codes. She asked for my IMEI number to check if i had a Cingular phone. Her computer gave a unlock code and she gave it to me right away. The whole process took only about 1 minute, 30 seconds, and I got through without being on hold.

    So, if you have a Treo 650, AT&T service, and you recently purchased the phone, you may be able to unlock your phone too.

    good luck!

    andy (-:

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