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    I like the design and look of Jabra BT250v.

    So anyone can tell me is it compatible with my Treo 650?

    I need your advice before I decide to buy it.

    Thank you very much!

    (note: it's 250v, not 250)
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    I have the same question. It is nearly impossible to find the supposed PalmOne branded Jabra BT250v, so I took a shot and ordered the black Jabra BT250v from Should arrive tomorrow or Friday... the same day my VERIZON WL TREO 650 shows!!! Finally...
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    I ordered the BT250 for my wife phone and after one month had to send back to Jabra to replace defective one..
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    Yes, but Maxima Neo, was it the BT250v??? The "v" is the unit that is supposed to work with the 650.
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    I just got the BT250v and it does work with the 650. The firmware is the same as the BT250p(the BT250 that palmone sold initially). Actually the only difference between it and the TWH is the auto redial feature. The black is very nice and the vibration is cool as well.
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    I have a Jabra BT250 with my T650 and if I hang up the call by pressing the button on the ear piece, it reboots my palm. What is this? Why does it happen? Can I fix it?
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    With the 250 does anyone notice the poor reception? When I use the 250v I have to have the phone within about 2 feet of the device
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    I just got the BT250v and love the form factor, but there are two things I'm a little "frustrated" with... hoping I'm having "user error" as I don't want to exchange and look for yet another BT headset.

    When dialing, I have to wait until my 650 call screen goes from DIALING to ACTIVE before I push the button on the headset. Is it possible to set the headset to auto pickup? There are times people have already answered the phone by the time I get the headset linked in.

    At times the people on the other end have a hard time hearing me, saying I'm cutting in and out. The Treo is sitting in a leather case on my belt, not more than a few feet away.

    Others experiencing these issues?
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    v stand for vibrate
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    The 250 was worst headset I have ever used. Scala 500 was better but I wasn't happy until I got the Sony HBH-300. I wouldn't spend money on anything that starts with Jabra 250.
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    I had the jabra 650p and it didn't work nearly as well as the treo bluetooth headset. don't know if any of the firmware updates improved jabra, but it was bad before...static, loosing pairing, etc.
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    Utter crap, in my experience (a Sprint 650). Love the form factor, hate the (lack of) performance.
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    I just got my BT250v and can't even put my phone in my pocket without getting a lot of static. Anyone else having this issue?
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    I think the other post speak for first, then buy. I made the mistake of buying first. The Jabra 250's is a product that doesn't work, at least with the 650. Buy the Treo bluetooth. Its not perfect, but its about the best.
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    I just got my bt250v yesterday from and am quickly becoming dissapointed. Lots of static from distances over 2 feet, people complaining they can't hear me and the so-called features don't work. No redial, no hold, no triggering the voice dial.....nothing. Just basic pickup and hang-up functions with vibrate. I also hate that I have to wait til the call is active before transferring to my headset. It should be automatic or atleast configurable. That crap is annoying as hell. Oh and sometimes it doesn't connect when I get a call. That's even more annoying. If anyone has any tried and true experiences with an excellent headset, please let me know because I'm just about through with this one! That's just my two cents!
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    I was about to purchase a Jabra and these posts have sent me to rethink my plans. I had narrowed it down to the following three:

    Sony HBH

    Jabra 250

    and the Treo Headset

    I have a buddy who can get me the Treo 20% off but the caller Id on the sony is too tempting. Any thoughts?
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    Does the caller ID functionality work on any BT headsets with the Treo ? I like the TWH,I've designated it as my backup/travel headset since it can be charged with the same charger as my Treo.
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    From what I hear the Caller ID does work. I saw them on ebay for only 50 to 60 bucks!

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