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    Quote Originally Posted by sblanter

    Did you ever figure out what happened here? I had this happen to me once a couple of weeks ago, just after receiving a text message from some unknown "vendor". All my text messages, except this one, come from known sources. About an hour after receiving it, I experienced the same inbox syndrome you did. I don't think it happened when receiving two in a row. I've been using Resco Locker and DBCacheTool for months, so I didn't think they had anything to do with it. Never happened any other time.

    I think I'll use filez to edit the messages db to remove that strange message and see what happens (I can always restore).
    What happens is, your "max chunk size" had got down to a very low level. (I've seen cases where mine was at 100+KB.) And when the text message comes in, the NVFS cache will try to cache the whole inbox. Except this time, your inbox is likely larger than the cache was able to accomodate, and therefore the cache spits it back out. But it has nowhere to spit it out to, and therefore you "lose" the inbox messages.
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    Low dbcache may have been low at the time (I was using TomTom, which always drops largest free chunk down to a real small amount). But my Inbox isn't that big. And when I use filez to view the msgs db, I can see the missing msgs. They just don't appear in my Inbox (or any other box).
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    Quote Originally Posted by rudychow
    Does it defrag and release the "max chunk available" size?
    Yes. It bumps up the total free to 10 megs and max chunk to 6 megs (from as low as total of 1 meg and max chunk of 600 K, say after running BBVFS).
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    Quote Originally Posted by aprasad
    On dbCache tool: The new Cingular update has eliminated (IMO) the need for such tools. The Treo now releases the NVFS cache regularly as needed, especially when Blazer is launched.
    Anyone know if Sprint's 1.12/1.12a have something like this implimented in them?
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    I'm running 1.12 and 1.12a was only an E911 update. Neither has the better cache manager from the Cingular 1.17 update
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    DBcache tool at one point threw my 650 into a fun reset loop that was only excapable via a hard reset. Not exactly my idea of useful. I wish someone would create a simpler iteration of this that was just - clear the cache and thats it. My guess is that there many more issues involved that prevent such a solution.

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