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    Greetings to you all!

    I had a quick question about the up and comming U.S. release of the TomTom navigator 5. I was wondering if, when the U.S. version comes out (sometime in May I believe), the gps could be used over in Europe...specifically Ireland. I am going to be traveling in and out of Ireland and was wondering if TomTom has maps for that particular area? I really do not know much about GPS and was was concerned that the US version could only be used in the US (and not in europe). Any information about my dilemma would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    These are the map's with TomTom Navigator 2004

    **It seem's just the North Ameican maps so far.

    The GPS receiver can be used anywhere provided you have maps and a software, Mapopolis has other maps

    Mapopolis has support for *Western Europe*
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    According to this site

    "New European maps will be a product coming in several months. Meanwhile, the T70116.010 (Western Europe - Maps Only) product is compatible with the new T1H50.080 (TomTom Navigator 2004 Bluetooth GPS Kit) and T1H00.080(TomTom Navigator 2004 Wired GPS Kit) products."

    My understanding is that the maps that are compatible with TomTom Navigator 2004 will be compatible with TomTom Navigator 5... So, the Western European maps might also be compatible.

    Try emailing TomTom for something definitive, they are pretty responsive to questions.
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    I posed the US release question many months back to TomTom customer service and they told me May 15th was there target release date.

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