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    I may have misspoked. I believe it was a BizConn update. I am using Blazer is 4.0. Unfortunately, the DA error "Error in PrvNetCalcINetAddr() call" has reappeared.
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    error for me too I am on tmo
    650 NOOOOOOOOOO. THis is the best app
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    Having same problem with the 3 error msgs. Tried resetting T600 and clearing Blazer's cache, but no dice.

    It's odd that error comes up so quickly...
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    Quote Originally Posted by smileyboy
    error for me too I am on tmo
    650 NOOOOOOOOOO. THis is the best app
    Ditto for me.
    Pre 3 on T-Mobile, 32gb Touchpad
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    It seems the only thing that works for me is the Business search. Everything else either returns the PrvNetCalcINetAddr() error or crashes my Treo and causes it to reset. I've tried using the Residential and Reverse Query search and it crashes my Treo everytime.

    Edit: works intermittently on the Business search. Still getting the previous errors and resets most of the time.
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    mine lets me find driving directions. but no businesses or residence. AWWWWWW man
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    Same 3 error messages when using DA. Get a "Denied" message when doing a residential search through Blazer at & (mobile site). No problems with on Windows XP.
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    I just received an email reply from Rick Whitt. He told me that has apparently changed something and that an update for Directory Assistant will be coming out to fix the problems we are experiencing.
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    Xpgeek, thanks for the update. Will be waiting patiently.
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    Good news with great timing. I just started trialing a couple of apps as possible, yet costly replacements for DA. Delete, delete. Thanks for the good news and for contacting Rick.
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    Right now there is not good news. It appears that the entire site is dead (at least it was a few minutes ago). Don't know whether this is a sporadic issue. That's the trouble with depending on a 3rd party that may or may not be there at some point.
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    DA was working fine, but I had to get my T650 replaced last week (keyboard failed), and the new unit doesn't work with DA. (Same 3 errors as listed above).

    Sprint, 1.08
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    Thanks for the update Rick Hopefully they come back up.
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    Well that's pretty bad. YellowPages links to right on their homepage:

    Mobile Services
    Access YP.Com mobile Yellow Pages from your PDA or cellular phone at

    " could not be found. Please check the name and try again."

    Hopefully they'll get their mobile site working soon.
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    Looks like it's up now
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    Quote Originally Posted by dwman
    Looks like it's up now
    It might be up...but I'm still getting the same errors.....
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    rlwhitt probably has to make some changes in order to get things working again
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    It's not up right this minute. And it does not look like it stays up long. For this particular issue, there is nothing I can do. I do need to accurately capture the "DENIED" response and probably ought to make a better message for this case where the site goes down.
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    Thanks for your efforts rlwhitt!

    DirAssist is by far the most used program (next to the phone app) on my Verizon T650. (I use it soo much, I feel that I should "donate" you again! Which I will when the service decides to behave.)

    It is certainly a bummer not having it.) Please keep us updated rlwhitt.

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    You don't realize how great a program it is, until it stops working. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."

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