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    Can someone direct me to info or let me know what Package Installer is? I've downloaded it but I don't understand its use. Thanks.
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    It's an application that handles loading "packages" (i.e. Chatter can be packaged to be one file, instead of four) and installing them in a single step.

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    I've downloaded and installed the package installer.prc file as well. How do you load an upgrade with the package installer? Is there a url that you go to to get the most recent chatter upgrade, click the link, and then the package installer will take over and download and install the chatter upgrade? If so, what is the link?

    thanks Marc.
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    Going to from blazer will start the chatter download automatically in psi format.

    This link can be found at
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    Thanks Albertb. I will try this with beta 11.
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    It works great, by the way. Saves several steps compared to the zip file method. Thanks again Marc for the continuous improvement!!
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    Is this only available to developers? I tried to download it from P1, but wasn't able to.
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    Does it automagically install all 4 files? I don't use the POP3 prc at all.
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    It does at the moment. Eventually, there will be different psi files for different configurations.

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    And eventually you will be able to do this within Chatter, right Marc?

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    treolo - Eventually... There will probably be interim steps.

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    Does it always fetch the latest beta?
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    Btw, Chatter is so damn good - I really want to love it! Why does it have to blow up on me sometimes.....
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    pinfante - Some of the's were real stinkers (I don't say UNSTABLE for nothing!) The latest ones are good. Maybe you should just "start over" with the latest beta (which has the new preferences system and easy updating).??

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    Package Installer worked GREAT from Blazer. Automatic!
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    Marc..........I installed one time via Package Installer... very cool. but what about the subsequent times? It seems without clearing my blazer cache blazer thinks it has the latest PSI file and the download is instant and doesnt relaly i missing something?
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    frank - I don't know; that seems to be a Blazer issue, right? Anyone?

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    That has never happened to me with the Package Installer. It did happened to me once when I was downloading a file. I'm not really sure why, but you can set Blazer to clean all cache on exit.


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