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    Emails I send from gmail on my laptop as wells as emails I send from my Treo always showup in my snappermail inbox...its driving me nuts! I've checked the settings a few times in preferences as well as edit accounts but can't find anything that would make this happen.

    I did a few searches and couldn't find info on the same topic, though I do remember another TC member having the same problem but I can't find the thread.
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    Snappermail has an prefrence to automatically bcc a selected address when you send an email. Any chance you have this set? Does GMail have a similar option?
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    I checked those settings and they are blank...thanks for the tip though.

    I joined Snappermail's yahoo group and am communicating with their guy ( did a snapper diagnostic log for him to look at ) so hopefully I'll get to the bottom of this.
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    This is the problem with Gmail, not Snapper. Gmail uses conversation in stead of classic folder to organize all the e-mails.

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