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    How do I get Word documents I have created on my PC into my Treo650? The way I am doing it now is emailing the document as an attachment to myself and downloading it into the Treo via Versamail.
    Is there another way I can do this via putting it somehow into my PalmDesktop software (but where) and getting it via hotsync?
    Thanks for any help.
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    Install Docs to Go from the CD that came w/your 650. It lets you hotsync docs onto your treo and view them in the native format.
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    Hi dwman,

    I have docs to go on my Treo. But how do I get the actual document from the PC to my Treo? Is the software somewhere on my PC where I have to put the document in order to get to to the Treo when I perform the sync?
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    Check your syncing options and make sure to check that the handheld overrides desktop sync option is not enabled.
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    Like dwman said, you will need to install Docs To Go from the CD that came with your T650. That will give you a GUI interface that lets you add, remove and change Word & Excel documents on your Treo. It will be a conduit that syncs every time you hot sync then.
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    Another option is to copy your Word files directly onto an SD card (if you have one). Docs to Go can read off the card and work on native DOC files.

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