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    I would really like to see a thread (hopefully this one) that can be dedicated to a discussion of the Nexmail client's features | functionality | interface from the perspective of TreoCentral readers who may be in the market for that type of email client.

    The other "NEXCHANGE 1.4 is Available!" thread has really become a dedicated vehicle for customer support problems.... which I think is not really the intended spirit of this forum.

    Unfortunately I can't use Chatter due to my company's IT policy. I'm interested in hearing about how the user experience of Nexmail compares to something like Chatter. From the posts on the other thread, it doesn't look like many people have been successful in installing and using it. That may be an incorrect assumption on my part... maybe there are a lot of people using it successfully but none of them want to share their opinions here....
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    tdot, i have refrained from commenting on your posts because i know you dont want to hear from me but I just wanted to encourage you to just try it...

    It is not feature rich like chatter but it certainly gets the job done...its very compareable to versamail. Here are some areas we are working on:

    html email
    meeting requests
    custom fonts
    contact integration

    If you need access to email from your device then nexmail is wonderful....if you just want email access from your device with bells and whistles being most important then you will not like nexmail.

    It has an autosync that works great and it has a date limiter so you dont get every item in your inbox, which works great for me because my inbox is 4 gigs....i have my date limiter set for 3 months which means there is never more then 3 months of email on my device.
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    I've used Nexmail and here are my thoughts on it.

    I'll have to agree with David in a sense that, if you JUST need access to your email then Nexmail can currently meet your needs.

    However, if you are used to using Chatter or Snapper then you will probably not like Nexmail because it doesnt come with many features at all. Presently I wouldn't put the user interface in the class with Versamail either, but once the areas such as contact integration, html email, and attachments are included it will be pretty close to that.

    Being that this is truly the only app that has the ability to connect with OWA, you cant complain too much because it hasnt been done before. I will add that, once this is integrated with Chatter then there wont be an email app for Exchange users that can compete with it. The only knock I've ever had on Chatter is the fact that it cant connect to my Exchange server, and the only knock I've had against Nexmail is that it lacks features that I'm used to in an email app. Once these 2 combine I cant see another corporate solution that can compete and that would include Seven and Goodlink.
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    I have been using corporate pro for maybe a couple months to sync PIM data end e-mail. In fact, according to David i was the first paying customer for the full release.

    I would call myself a moderately capable user, I can follow directions and get things done. I spent hours and hours trying to get VersaMail to sync with my exchange server, with no results. I tried Nexchange/Nexmail as a result.

    I know this is supposed to be about the mail app, but I'll comment briefly on Nexchange too. Setup was easy and it synced the first time. I have had at time problems where it would reset the device during a locked up sync and I've had to delete and re-install a couple times, not a huge deal but frustrating. I have also had problems on the initial sync after a re-install of it duplicating calendar and contact entries in my Outlook. Finally, it does not handle multi- day events, only shows the first day in your Palm calendar. I would call the functionality adequate, but not overwhelming. Still needs work, but I don't have much to compare it too.

    The e-mail is bare bones. No support for folders, attachments, html....etc. Even with the bare bones nature I think there are some basics that are missing. For example, being able to access e-mail addresses from your PIM instead of having to type them in the to: field each time. Even if it would just keep a list of the addresses you have used in the past to select from a drop down or have an auto-fill feature, that would be a huge improvement.

    On the basic functioning of the software their are still some bugs. 1. I live in a somewhat rural area where i do not always have a Sprint signal from which to have data service. Nexmail should be able to detect if there is no data service and not try to sync if none exists. If there is no data signal it resets the device. It also resets the device if at one time you did have a data signal but lost it at some point and then regain it (if that's not too confusing).
    2. I have found i may have to sync 2 or three times to get a complete sync, sometimes after a sync it only has messages that are obviously old, like its database reverted to an old copy? 3. Read messages do not always appear as read (still bold), I thought I saw somewhere that this was supposed to be fixed.

    I know there are other things i can't remember, but these are the ones that are continual issues. It may sound that I am not happy with the application, but that is not true. While it is not the complete solution i was looking for, or wanted when I bought this phone, it is the closest I have found and the only one I have tried that worked at all. I am waiting for David to come up with bigger and better things.

    That said, I was surprised at Marc/Chatter's replies to this thread that seemed a bit hostile towards David. I understand he has a competing product, but it was my understanding that there may be some collaboration between the two to bring Chatter's e-mail functionality to Nexchange's sync functionality, or vise versa. I asked about this on another thread but got no response. I would like David or Marc to comment if there is a possible collaboration
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    Thanks for the first real review-type post that I've seen about this product!

    My take on bvinson's comment is not that there is an official collaboration between Marc & David, but rather, if someone (ANYONE) would create an app that had the best of both worlds, then it would kick some serious woooopaaaaaasssss
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    For the record, I haven't been hostile to David or NexChange. I thought, a long time back, that David was making a big mistake over-promising and under-delivering, and I told him so. But NOT for competitive reasons; I just thought he was making a mistake.

    We have been talking about a collaboration on Chatter/NexMail, but nothing is finalized at this point.

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    I just want to make a couple quick comments.

    I see this as a killer app for the handheld device/smart-phone market. I was surprised when I got my Treo at the difficulty getting the wireless sync to work (speaking of over promising and under delivering). The casual user, in my opinion, would never be able to get this to work and would be very frustrated at the amount of support it takes to keep it working. It just seems that this device category has been around long enough that there should be a seamless solution by now. Maybe I am naive.

    I think with the advent of the Windows based Treo, eventually Microsoft will get it to work and I would guess find ways to make it more difficult for the Palm OS based devices. If I do ever get another Treo, I will do my homework a little better. Whoever can make this work out of the box and not require a large investment in enterprise software or and IT dept will be the winner.

    Sorry, don't mean to hijack the thread.
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    Hey all, Just wanted to say that Marc and I have an official collaboration and it's gonna be nothing short of breath taking...we both are soooooo honored to be working together to bring everyone this best of both worlds functionality.

    Many of you may not know, but Marc is a world class software developer and business person and he alone, thru his life has helped sculpt the software industry in a huge, fundamental way. I hope he doesnt mind me saying this but for me, a nobody from alabama, it is such a huge honor to have the opportuinty to work with him.

    Not knowing it, he helped me thru my tough pre-teen years by starting a company called Infocom which released a series of enthralling adventure games like Zork I, III, and III, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and MANY MANY more. As a 11 - 14 year old, I couldnt wait to get home from school and pick back up where I had left off at the Dam in Zork 1 or latter try to get out of what appeard to be a grave in Zork III.

    Our collaboration is truly 100% for all of you...i was a Sr. Network/Systems engineer when i bought my first palm based device which was a Treo 600. I was SHOCKED beyond all immagination that nothing exsisted outsided of some rediculiously cumbersom middleware or clumsy desktop redirector. It took me a good 6 months to decide to throw away my DEEP 6 figure salary, liquify all my retirement accounts, mortgage my house and vehical and start Nextworks. So this is for you!!! and we sooo hope that you like it.
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