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    I thought there was a sticky thread, but it's not there, explaining how to set up your 650 to begin with. Do I revert to the latest Palm instructions, or is there a thread around here I should see first?
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    Congratulations. First thing's first: read the manual. Then you should check out the thread at the top of this forum that says "Sticky: Suggested threads for Treo Users". After you peruse those, use the thing for a few days. Any advice you get on "setting up" a Treo would be specific to whoever is giving it, we all have different needs/expectations so "setting up" means different things to different folks. As you use it you will notice certain things that irritate you or things you wish the device to do.

    At this point you can ask more specific questions and therefore get more useful answers. Remember to do a quick search for recent posts on your topic to make sure your issue is not being addressed currently in another thread.. I'm not saying to spend hours looking through 3 month old posts; there's a LOT of info here, and there have been certain things that have changed in regards to software etc so the information has the potential to be a bit off (i.e. Can I update my Treo GSM firmware? or make a custom GSM ROM?), but you don't want the hoards of "YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE A SEARCH" posts cluttering your thread if you ask something that's being discussed three lines down.

    Welcome and good luck, just enjoy your device: have fun/be productive.

    Oh one other word of advice, get an unlimited data plan if you don't have one already. It only takes one month getting slammed for $300 (for 4 MB of data! Glad I was able to talk them into going back and applying the $24.99 unlimited plan to the month and crediting me the $300) to pay for like an entire year of data service on the front end.

    In closing here are some of the apps that I enjoy/find useful.

    FileZ- I was disappointed I could not beam an MP3 to my girlfriend's phone from my SD card also that I could not have an explorer-esque view of the files. This little app gave me that and it does other cool stuff as well.

    Directory Assist- I think 411 from a cell is like $2.00 a call. This thing saves me almost enough in 411 calls I don't make to pay for my unlimited data plan (well I really spent about $10-$14 a month, but still...). It also will do a reverse lookup which I find handy.

    The Core Media Player- This is Beta software, but I really like it. It's not the slickest media player around as far as usability, but it's free (always a plus) and it does a great job playing video on the 650 screen. It also plays AAC files, this is big for me as most of my music is ACC (I just gave in to it when I got the iPod, better than MP3 IMO).

    CHATTER!- No reason to have another email program. I sit in rooms with people with Black Berries and my phone buzzes at MOST 30 seconds after they get theirs pushed to them. The only reason for that delay (and it is usually non-existent) is I cannot connect directly to the exchange (firewall) and I have to use a redirect rule in Outlook. I'm talking to a buddy here at work tomorrow that might be able to even help me with that. Anyway, read up on this one. It's true push email for the Treo (in fact that's the default sig ) and it's done in the background, no polling for mail every 15 or 30 min. It's one of the few pieces of software I've ever paid for and still thought I didn't pay enough (no I am not opposed to paying for software, it just disappoints for the price sometimes). The developer posts here often and is very good about listening to user feedback and reacting accordingly.

    Anyway, there's my $.02, if you have any problems after a few days give me a holler.
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