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    I always get resets when I'm in memos and try to reorder the memos in alphabetical order. I get this log- Crash was caused by error "DataMgr.c, Line:8872, DmWritemWriteCheck failed" while running Memos-PMem 1.2.1"
    I use a program called Initiate which works with memos, but it is never able to find the memos on my device.
    It was suggested that memosdb was corrupted. Anyone know how I can fix this? Thanks.

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    Any luck yet? I have exactly the same problem.

    I tried deleting all memos on the Palm manually. The problem is still there, even there is no memo.

    Then I removed the whole memo DB (MemosDB-PMem). It worked, but after I restored my memos by hot-syncing, the problem reappeared.

    BTW, I use Missing Sync's conduits.
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    1. Install dbScan 1.9c (attached)
    2. Launch it and choose "Neither"
    3. From the menu, choose Options/"Remove All Deleted Records"
    4. Do this for both the PalmSource and PalmOne databases

    Then see if it still crashes.
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