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    The touch screen doesn't work anymore. I even scroll down to prefs and tried to do screen calbration, but it doesn't work.
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    Last week I had the same problem, my touch screen stopped being touchy. At the same time my 5 way stopped going left or right when in menus, and I couldn't use the cetre button to select on menus either, so it was impossible to do many things.

    I was quite scary.

    ...and then my Treo automatically re-booted itself and everything has been perfect since.

    uh ya, so I guess my advice is to wait for it to re-boot itself.
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    if u mean the touch screen stopped responding then.... this happened to me like 2 weeks ago and i posted on here and sum1 gave me the response "there is dirt or sumthin stuck under the side of the screen which is causing the touchscreen to be constantly pushed down.... u se a piece of paper to clean out the sides" i did this and then it worked fine! try it
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    The same happend to me but with the 300 and the only way to solve it was to disconect the battery(opening), you could try a hard reset.

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    Instead of paper I suggest a thin piece of plastic. Paper can tare & compound the problem. It happened to a TC user.
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    wow... u guys are good. in fact it's the screen protector's fault.

    Thanks a ton guys.

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