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    so i'm lookin at databases for a big project, and i've narrowed it down to these 2.

    i'm a mac user and my desktop DB is filemaker, so desktop support is better for jFile.


    HanDBase has the cool relational/linking feature (and seems generally more full-bodied than jFile).

    herein lies the crux. the project for which i will purchase this app (as both demo versions are too crippling to run unregistered) will be entirely conducted from the field. once i initially sync the info... boom, it's done. i haven't found myself needing a database on my visor yet (10 months in, mind you) but i can see finding a couple of ways to utilize it. i think, that desktop support is more important to me in the long run, as i can't think of anything i'd do that'd require the linking feature of handbase...) but that feature is pretty cool, and if it were around, perhaps i'd find a way to not be able to live without it (as seems always to be the case with technological advances.)

    anyway. i'm looking for insight here... what do you all think? (i guess i'm really looking for people with experience with these apps... i can make up my own mind, but would like a little more info, before i do -- i.e.: does one or the other have some killer feature or coolness that i've missed in the demo so far)
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    Have you looked at Filemaker for the Palm OS? That'd probably be the easiest solution.

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    you got me all excited there, homer, but according to the press release [italics mine]:

    "Product availability and specifications subject to change without notice. Products are planned and may not actually be distributed. Expected availability this Winter (Northern Hemisphere). Localized versions will ship later."

    sadly, i need this thing tomorrow. (i know, i know, but i just got the idea to put this stuff on the pda on friday. i've been doing versions of this project for years on paper, and it suddenly occured i could clean the whole thing up with the visor, but it came in the middle of crunch time.)
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