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    Can any of you give me a clearer understanding of what Palm is trying to communicate with the above message?.

    I was restoring my 650 using bbvfs pro when in the middle of the process, bbvfs halted with this message. The referenced file 'ContactsDB-PAdd_PAdd_00001B0' is 115529 b in size(according to Filez).It is part of two other contact data files. Can I use 'Filez' or some other record manipulation software to correct this 'Invalid parameter' so the rest of the file is recoverable?.

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    I'm having the same problem. I'm also using a Treo 650 and backupbuddyvfs pro. None of the following databases would restore:

    I also can't seem to beam any of them from my previous Treo 650. I've tried copying using Filez with the same Invalid Parameter error. I read in another thread that HotSync will let you install the offending pdb file, I guess I'll give it a shot when I get home.
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    Post your results and let me know if you succeed. Something else I've been hesitant to try is using Filez, remove the '.cmp' extension from my bbvfs 'Contacts' file, put it in my sd card, and then use Filez to transfer it into ram. I'll let you know my results.
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    No go. That 'ContactsDB' file is totall unacceptable to my system. Tried with both Filez & Zlauncher File Manager to transfer from sd to RAM, but won't go. I wish one of you folks knew how to read the DB and tell me where to look to correct whatever 'value' palm sees as invalid.
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    What version of BBVFS are you guys using? 3.07 or the new 3.1 rc1?
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    Pro v3.07
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    I'm also using BBVFS Pro v3.07. Ronc, using hotsync to install the databases to the handheld worked perfectly. HotSync and I haven't been getting along lately, so I set every conduit to "Do nothing" except "Install" and "Quick Install".
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    Thank God!!! Unfortunately for now, I can't hotsync to my unit. It hasn't had that capability since I first got it. Jeff at Vienna Channels is replacing my 650 and hopefully by next Wednesday night, I will be able to hotsync. I'll post my results.

    Thanks for posting!!


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