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    HI i have serached the forums but was unable to find a satifactory answer, can someone help me with this?

    My cell phone dealer is getting a cingular branded Treo 650 unlocked for me to use with T-mobile. Can anyone tell me if my current T-zone will work on it?
    what will i be missing if i get a unlocked cingular phone versus a unlocked treo 650 from Palmone?

    i read something about unlocking with the f/w what exactly is that? doesn;t Cingular just provide you with a unlock code? so what;s with the f/w unlock?

    any help would be gretaly appreciated.

    thank you
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    Yes T-Zones works perfect on an unlocked Cingular Treo 650. Ive had T-zones on mine for a few months now without any hitch. Keep in mind though that you dont have full access to the internet on the T-Zones plan.

    How the hell did you get your dealer to unlock a Cingular Treo 650 for you? Im curious to know. I had to pull some jedi mind-tricks in order for Cingular customer service to unlock it for me, they wont just hand the code over to you on a silver platter. And im not clear on what you mean by "f/w" please write the acronym in its entirety.

    As far as the differences between an unlocked palmone 650 and a Cingular 650... bluetooth DUN is already available on the palmone unlocked. Youre going to have apply the Shadowmite hack in order to get that on a Cingular 650.
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    My cellphone dealer jsut told me she can has Cingular to unlock it for me even tho it will take about a week to do. so we'll see this friday if it can indeed be unlocked without any hassle.
    I am running a proxy thru my home pc. so i am still able to access internet via my T-zone. at least it's working for my treo 600 right now.
    f/w = firmware.
    waht exactly is Bluetooth DUN. what will it need it for? jsut for syncing via bluetooth or will i need it for bluetooth headset?
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    DUN is 'tethering' -- in other words, connecting your laptop / desktop to the internet via the connection thru your phone.

    It didn't work very well for me with the v1.04Cing that I had on it -- haven't tried it since updating to v1.23 (didn't try on v1.21 either).

    Have Tmobile with the $19.99 unlim and it works like a champ!

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